Welcome to a Sir Eel World!

Welcome to a Sir Eel World!

Hi, I'm Richard Broida. I create software in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm going to write about software topics that I love -- and that, hopefully, will have some value to you.

You might wonder where I got the name "Sir Eel" (@SirEel on Twitter). In 2007 I was the chairperson for a regional gathering in Cleveland called "Hieronymus Basch: A Surreal Good Time". I decided to write "Sir Eel" on my name badge. It amused people, so I kept it.

My plan to use this site to explore three related themes:

    The rise of functional programming as a dominant idiom in software development
    The rise of interconnected computing, of which "The Cloud" is the latest manifestation
    On a more pragmatic level, how to adopt F# as your everyday programming language.

This is a Windows Azure Web Site running Orchard CMS. I chose these, in part, because of their great online communities, and I want to shout out lots of love to them right at the start.

I hope you'll find something useful here.